Goodnight Snoozy The Revolution in Mobile Accommodation
The Snoozy revolution in mobile accommodation, popping up anywhere and everywhere in under 10 minutes. Perfect for festivals, events and expositions.
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about snoozy

A whole new world of mobile accommodation has opened up with the Snoozy family of products. Snoozy is the foundation to a complete mobile hotel experience. The Snoozy family offers various levels of mobile accommodation and comfort to suit your needs, from single person rooms to family suites.

Snoozy Air
Escargoo is an airflow structure that requires constant inflation. It packs down to the smallest size – fitting in a duffel bag.
Snoozy Pro
The Snoozy Pro is our original structure, it pops up in under 10 minutes and has a twin, double and bunk bed option as well as endless features.
Snoozy Ensuite
The Snoozy Ensuite is everything that the Pro offers with a luxury ensuite unit on the back. Still with the ability to flat pack and stack.
Snoozy Villa
The Snoozy Villa is the height of luxury, it offers a much wider space enabling a living room and even a kitchen.

All About The Experience

Snoozy puts you in the heart of the experience, fully immersing you in the action whilst keeping all the comfort. We at Snoozy can provide a simple solution to basic accommodation needs, all the way to fully branded corporate experience and semi-permanent hotel solutions. Accommodation isn’t the limit to our vision, we think all the way to mobile swimming pools, spas, cinemas, restaurants and bars.

our history

The concept of Snoozy was conceived in 2013 as part of our AirClad development, it was originally targeted at festival mobile accommodation. Over 18 months we developed the product with a series of prototypes. In 2014 we launched our very first Snoozy product, 125 of which flew of the shelves and straight in to the festival season in the UK – appearing at over 25 events in 2015.

The family has now grown to incorporate many other varieties and features, to meet a broader spectrum of global demand for mobile accommodation needs. The distribution of Snoozys has now progressed throughout Europe and expansions and opportunities across the world.

Its This Easy!

The Snoozy Pro can pop up at a site near you in under 10 minutes!


Its a Wrap

All structures can be fully branded either temporarily or permanently